Laugh, Durn You; Laugh! [DRAFT]

I just realized today that the most important sign of maturity is the ability to laugh at yourself.
Because to laugh at yourself means
You know yourself.
You accept yourself.
You love yourself.

You know you’re not perfect!
To be sure, no one is perfect;
But when you understand
that everyone does
dumb, silly, forgetful things…

Like frantically looking everywhere for your glasses
at the end of a meeting,
even dumping out your purse,
checking all your pockets,
the meeting table,
the floor….

While your colleagues
look on, bemused….

Only to discover
You hooked your glasses to the front of your sweater!

A hands-on-belly,
guffaw ensues.

And everyone goes home
and shaking their heads.

If that had happened
Even a year ago,
I’d have spent at least an hour
kicking myself
once I was home

But after a certain age,
you come to accept yourself
as you recall
other blunders, missteps,
and head-slapping moments
you’ve made.

The world didn’t end.
Your reputation wasn’t ruined.
And so long as you didn’t laugh
too long and loud,
you didn’t feel like
maybe you belong
in a straitjacket!

Because you accept yourself.

Now when you can
tell yourself,
“Ooh, girl,
you do some
silly things, sometimes….”
But you also remember
the times you made a difference,
or triumphed
or failed,

And, still, you can laugh,

You love yourself.

And, besides,

We all know:

Laughter is the best medicine.


This poem began in my mind as an essay to be published in my Health and Well-Being category. But the moment I started writing, it became a poem. I labeled it as a DRAFT because I am soliciting Your Feedback in the Comments.

So, let me know what you think of the poem: the title, the poem itself, and any changes  you might suggest.  Thank You!

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