Night Crawlers

I. I used to be a Night Crawler: one of those people on foot in the dark, going somewhere. Now, I nearly run them down, barely able to see them skittering across the street, in dark clothing, with only the dancing light of their sneakers visible in my headlights— if I’m lucky— as I drive … More Night Crawlers

Book Review: baltimore girls by Lynne Viti

baltimore girls by Lynne Viti, Copyright © 2017 by Lynne Viti Finishing Line Press, P.O. Box 1626, Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 This slim collection of poems (19 total), by Baltimore native Lynne Viti, is bursting with bittersweet memories-turned-life lessons and hard-won wisdom. Evoking a bygone-Baltimore that any City native (Black or White) who came of age … More Book Review: baltimore girls by Lynne Viti