There Is Only One Racism

April 14-15, 2021 The word, “racism,” wasn’t created untilthe dawn of the 20th century. The act of “racism” has been continuous Since 1619. “Modern racism” does not exist—There is only one racism. The concept remains the same. Only the weapons have changed,And even those, not so much. 17th to 19th centuries: Ship cargo holdsWhipsChains ArsonBeatingsDraggingFistsRopesRapeSticks … More There Is Only One Racism

Jackie’s Excellent Adventure. Or, How I Finally Got the Covid Vaccine (My Coronavirus Diaries, Installment #21)

March 10, 2021 Today’s the Day! Dose 1 Getting there Since I’d never driven to GBMC (Greater Baltimore Medical Center) before, I searched for directions to the site. Of course, the search engine (starts with G, ends with gle) sent me on an unfamiliar route. But a late-night epiphany set me straight: North Charles Street… … More Jackie’s Excellent Adventure. Or, How I Finally Got the Covid Vaccine (My Coronavirus Diaries, Installment #21)

The Forgotten Mask

Monday morning,Cold and steel gray,The old lady drove to the convenience storeWith steely confidenceFor milk and breadTo start her day. She strode into the store,Gathered her items,And placed them on the counter. The counter lady asked“Where your mask, sweetie?”The old lady cried out, high-pitch laughing, “Oh My God! I left it in the car!” And … More The Forgotten Mask

Inauguration 2021: America Exhaled

I. Throughout the day,the wind sighed—ghosts of ancestors cried. As the guests and honorees gathered,As presidents-past shook handsor patted shoulders,As Senators and Judgestook their places, the wind sighed—a Greek Chorus of collectiveanxiety and expectation. Songs were sung,pledges were made,oaths were sworn,a poet hearts lifted,a benediction raised hope. The wind sighed—clearing the air. Pomp and ceremonyon … More Inauguration 2021: America Exhaled

ANNOUNCEMENT: Poetry Reading – February 10, 2021, 8pm

I’m excited to announce my first Poetry Reading of 2021! Thanks to Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram, Host and Producer of the Quintessential Listening: Poetry Podcast, and Founder and Executive Director of the DC Poetry Project, Inc., for inviting me back for my third appearance on the program. I’ll post a reminder as we get closer … More ANNOUNCEMENT: Poetry Reading – February 10, 2021, 8pm

GOODBYE, 2020 (in Three Poems)

Covid TV Winter Snow December 18, 2020 My cable is disabled.Local channels, only,appear. Beyond basic,Snow—pixelated screen,Sound fading in and out, First disrupting the most-watched channel band-width—59 to 208—gone. MSNBC and MeTV, CNN and The Weather Channelsnowed out. Other band-withs,usually ignored,come into view: On SyFy, an old CSI: LV anda never-before-noticed Bruce Willis shoot-em-up distracted me … More GOODBYE, 2020 (in Three Poems)

The Writing Process

Many of my writer friends are “academic” writers: teachers and students of writing at high schools, colleges, and universities. Others are professionals in newspaper and television writing. I am not. I simply write to live and live to write. Writing has always been my primary and most effective means of communication. In college, I did … More The Writing Process

baltimoreblackwoman Celebrates 6th Anniversary!

On December 27, 2014, was born with the posting of my first essay, Christmas Past: The Toys I Played With—And How They Shaped Me – baltimoreblackwoman, written as an introduction to me and to the world I grew up in. My initial goal in starting the blog was to share my stories in the … More baltimoreblackwoman Celebrates 6th Anniversary!