New York Trippin’

I. On Broadway Our tour bus rolled into Manhattan and through the narrow, bustling streets of Broadway, Right on schedule for us to disembark and stand on-line to see “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” The story of the Temp-Tay-shuns! Waiting for the theatre doors to open, my aunt and I lamented, “This may be my … More New York Trippin’

The Wages of Life

I. When someone calls me Young lady, I don’t know whether To laugh or cry Out: I’m not so young; 65.5 years have I lived on this Earth! I’ve done my time, committed crimes and paid the fines for all my youthful indiscretions. [And God has told me, It’s alright, my child.] I’ve learned lessons … More The Wages of Life

Vampire Hours

As the comfort of Winter Darkness wanes and a hint of Spring expands the Light of Day, my nights transmute into Vampire Hours. I cannot sleep. My mind seeks the blood of dreams awakened— plans for tomorrow, regrets of yesterday, a million hopes, a thousand fears converging like bats seeking their cave. I try to … More Vampire Hours

First Poetry Reading in 2019: Done!

This past Monday, January 7, I joined poet Tzynya Pinchback in a poetry reading on Quintessential Poetry, a BlogTalkRadio program hosted by Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram. The event, POV (Pinchback/Oldham/Viti), was planned by our colleague, Lynne Viti (who writes the WordPress blog Still in School) and was supposed to include her reading, too. Unfortunately, Lynne … More First Poetry Reading in 2019: Done!