The Children’s March – Song Video

Two weeks ago, I published the poem The Children’s March[], in anticipation of the March for Our Lives. One week ago, I posted my promised song version on my Facebook page as well as on the March for Our Lives – Baltimore page. I am grateful for the tremendous response from my Facebook family and … More The Children’s March – Song Video

baltimoreblackwoman’s 1st Anniversary Celebration Continues…With Music

The Perils of Publishing: When you realize you uploaded the wrong video! This is an updated post, with the correct video inserted. Mea culpa….   In late 2014-early 2015, I began to experiment with creating music videos, using an inexpensive video camera and learning about the process of videography. My friends know me as a … More baltimoreblackwoman’s 1st Anniversary Celebration Continues…With Music

Earth Day 2015: #WhosGonnaStandUpandSavetheEarth

On the first celebration of Earth Day, I sewed an “Earth Day” patch on my bell-bottom jeans and wore them with pride. In the years since, I admit I have not done much to celebrate. This year, however, I had a flash-inspiration: to “flood” Facebook with videos of Neil Young’s great song, “Who’s Gonna Stand … More Earth Day 2015: #WhosGonnaStandUpandSavetheEarth