Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #6

The sixth poem in this series is “Our Latest Fashion Accessories…” [https://www.rigorous-mag.com/v5i4/jackie-oldham.html]. It appeared in Rigorous Magazine on December 31, 2021. The impetus for this poem was the constant use of the phrase “our black and brown people” by everyone from cable news hosts to friends. This reading was recorded on December ­­­3, 2022.

Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #5

The fifth poem in this series—and my third and final poem published in Global Poemic—is “Brood X Symphony (The 17-Year Cicadas)” [https://globalpoemic.wordpress.com/2021/07/12/brood-x-symphony-the-17-year-cicadas/]. It appeared on July 12, 2021, during the Covid pandemic, but its subject was a different scourge I was facing that summer: the dreaded 17-year cicadas! In my lifetime, I had already encountered … More Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #5

Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #4

The fourth poem in this series—and my second “covid” poem published in Global Poemic—is  “The Forgotten Mask” [original link: The Forgotten Mask – Global Poemic (wordpress.com); archival link: February 2021 – Global Poemic (wordpress.com)]. It appeared on February 24, 2021, when the Covid pandemic was nearly a year old, but the mask mandate was still … More Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #4

Announcement: Poem #11 Just Published!

I am excited, humbled, and proud to announce that my latest poem, “Chaos – 2022” appears today in Minyan Magazine, alongside 9 other excellent poems in issue 5.  This poem was originally written in October 2020 (Hebrew year 5781) for the Beth Am Synagogue (Baltimore) annual Poetry Shabbat, which took place during the darkest period of … More Announcement: Poem #11 Just Published!

Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #3

My third published poem is titled “I Don’t Want to Play The “Capitol” Edition of Clue™”. It appeared on January 25, 2021, in the online journal Oddball Magazine [https://oddballmagazine.com/poem-by-jackie- oldham-2], 19 days after the January 6th Insurrection in Washington, D.C. Like many of you, I watched the Insurrection unfold on live television, and it took … More Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #3

The Forgotten Mask

Monday morning,Cold and steel gray,The old lady drove to the convenience storeWith steely confidenceFor milk and breadTo start her day. She strode into the store,Gathered her items,And placed them on the counter. The counter lady asked“Where your mask, sweetie?”The old lady cried out, high-pitch laughing, “Oh My God! I left it in the car!” And … More The Forgotten Mask

GOODBYE, 2020 (in Three Poems)

Covid TV Winter Snow December 18, 2020 My cable is disabled.Local channels, only,appear. Beyond basic,Snow—pixelated screen,Sound fading in and out, First disrupting the most-watched channel band-width—59 to 208—gone. MSNBC and MeTV, CNN and The Weather Channelsnowed out. Other band-withs,usually ignored,come into view: On SyFy, an old CSI: LV anda never-before-noticed Bruce Willis shoot-em-up distracted me … More GOODBYE, 2020 (in Three Poems)