Broken American Home

Originally posted on Teri Carter's Library:
One night in late-summer, long after we’d finished supper on our screened porch with my visiting dad and stepmother, I heard Dad say with blunt force, “Want to know why your mom and I got divorced?” I was 31. They’d been divorced 23 years. “No, actually, I don’t,”…

Night Crawlers

I. I used to be a Night Crawler: one of those people on foot in the dark, going somewhere. Now, I nearly run them down, barely able to see them skittering across the street, in dark clothing, with only the dancing light of their sneakers visible in my headlights— if I’m lucky— as I drive … More Night Crawlers

2015 in review

The stats “elves” (I like that better than their suggested “helper monkeys”) prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. My estimated stats as published in my Anniversary post weren’t too far off! I’m still planning at least one more post before New Year’s Day 2016. But in the meantime, I’ve got some more … More 2015 in review