The World-Wide Web

December 24, 2014

I fought so hard
not to get sucked in
to the World-Wide Web
that spins and spins.

A web of Truth,
of Lies and Sin.
A web of Love
and Hate and Lust;
Pain and Suffering
imagined and just.

Welcome to
The 21st Century
Tower of Babel.

Fools and Idiots,
Bards and Mad Men,
Friends and Strangers, all,
chime in
with words to unite
and words to divide.
Building us up
and insulting our pride.

Not even our own words,
borne of thought,
but handy sound bytes
and quotes spoon-fed
from a host
of websites and e-stores.

We pass them around
like burnt S’mores—
hot! hot!—
round the Global Campfire.

I caught a web thread
and on it rode
like a champion surfer
on the ultimate wave.

It carried me high
and far and wide
To the moon and back!
To the dark abyss.
Across the Pond
To my own back yard.

Riding so high,
I tossed waves and kisses,
songs and missives,
out to the ends
of Space and Time.

I fancied myself
A Wise Woman.
A Righteous Poet.
A Soulful Musician.

And waited for
my own thread
to catch another soul.

It didn’t.

My wave has
spun me out,
leaving me alone
and spent
on a deserted isle
of my own making.


Note: Today’s post is one of my latest poems. Please feel free to comment using the form below.

One thought on “The World-Wide Web

  1. So maybe I am bias because you are family but I love it. Yhis rings so true of so many of us. Keep writing and keep posting!


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