Silence Is Golden—The Remix: Why This Blog Exists

Once again, I have allowed days to go by without writing a post in this space, while my email inbox is overflowing with posts from fellow bloggers that I follow.

As a new blogger, I ask myself, “If my silences are so frequent, why have I started this site?”

The answer is “simple,” and twofold.

(1) I have a burning need to share my thoughts, feelings, passions, and interests with the goal of showing whoever will view this site that The Black Experience Is The Human Experience. This need is as essential to me as life itself.

I cannot sit in silence while my own personhood and that of my people are constantly called into question or outright denied. I have to speak out, however and whenever I can.

But I am also, essentially, an introvert. I cannot be “on” 24/7. The creative force does not work that way for me. To me, Silence Is Golden. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is the space that allows me to actually see and feel and hear and process what is going on around me.

So if you do not see a post from me every day, don’t worry. And don’t think that I have given up. For me, Silence simply means “Working behind the scenes.”

(2) I am in the process of building this site. While I would enjoy having more followers, commenters, and “likes,” it is more important to me, right now, to develop and organize the site, so that I can communicate more effectively. [“If you build it, they will come.”]

But communication is a two-way street.

[To my Facebook readers: I love seeing your comments about my posts on Facebook! It would also really be nice to see some of your comments expressed on this site.]

I am a person with many interests and means of expressing myself.  I am a student of history, of politics, of humanity, and of life in general. My writing tends to fall into the categories I have chosen for this site: “Essays” and “Poems“. But I am also a musician and photographer (mainly “skyscapes” and nature). And I am planning (“Working behind the scenes”) to add “Music” and “Photographs” as categories for my work in the very near future.

This blog is a labor of love for me and the beginning of my dream life—All I have ever wanted to do is write, make music, and make pictures. If my work touches just one person, then I have a reason to keep this site alive.


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