The Inauguration of Change 2009

January 20, 2009

Today we gathered
at the crossroads of history,
Where the past meets the present
and the present, the future.

The Dunce was deposed—
ceremoniously, but firmly,
sent packing;
his Village no longer
missing its Idiot.

In his place,
a prince,
called Obama:
a young man,
vibrant yet old and wise
beyond all time,
stepped forward
to proclaim:

The past is past
but also our essential foundation.
The now,
a needful burden—
a stone in our shoe—
on the road to
the future.

Our Sacred Quest:
To reclaim the ideals
of our nation’s past;
To become the people
we are meant to be.
To fulfill our
Manifest Destiny
of Life, Liberty,
and the Pursuit of Happiness.

from the long nightmare
of fear and confusion
imposed by The Dunce,
who worked dark magic
with smoke and mirrors,
secrecy and lies,
deceit and sleight-of-hand
to rob our land
of money, jobs,
prosperity and hope,
and precious human lives,

We have pinned our hopes
on Obama,
made him our savior,
our prince,
The answer to our prayers
God laid His hand
on this man).

But wisely,
in truth,
he has held up to us
the mirror of truth,
reminding us that
it is not he
but we
who must rebuild
our selves,
our nation,
and our world
to a state of grace
and goodness.

In gratitude,
the people came
by the millions
to the National Mall,
stood for hours
in the biting winter chill,
or witnessed the great moment,
by the billions,
via electronic means,
and in a roar
heard round the globe,
ordained Barack Obama
(The New Hope)
The 44th President
(the First Black)
of the United States of

Six years have passed since I wrote this poem to honor the inauguration of our first African-American President. How History will treat Mr. Obama remains to be seen. Especially in view of the Republican Party's concerted and willful efforts to derail this presidency beginning on January 20, 2009. If I were you, I would hold onto every newspaper article, book, campaign button, video, and any other "objective" media pertaining to to this presidency. Maybe even put them in a sturdy time capsule. Before the revisionist historians have a chance to erase this president, his accomplishments, indeed this entire era,from the record books. Stranger things have happened.

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