Information Overload: Reality Check

Sometimes, when you feel like the world might be your oyster after all, you stumble and fall. And the oyster falls “Splat” right out of your hand!

I’ve been going great guns with the writing the past few weeks. Starting to feel really good about it. Ideas for posts were coming so fast, I wondered how and when I could share them all. [The ideas are still coming, and I will be sharing them as much as possible, starting tomorrow.]

But last week, I tripped over my own feet in my own home and fell on my knee. Hard. It swelled up right away, and I did the RICE thing right away. But I also kept walking on it. Gingerly, but I kept it moving. You know my motto: Use it or lose it!

And then, I started to panic because a week went by, and I was still in pain, and I had a doctor’s appointment coming up to deal with a chronic medical condition that scares the daylights out of me and that may or may not be related to both my fall and my slow-to-heal knee.

Suddenly, I’m worrying myself to death about my own mortality. I decide I’d better go see about this knee. I lucked up on a walk-in appointment with my doctor. Discovered that I’ve unintentionally lost a few pounds that I really didn’t need to lose. And continued to worry myself to death about my own mortality.

Yesterday, I went to the dreaded specialist’s appointment. Thankfully, everything is fine. My knee is not broken and my chronic medical condition is stable. Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be around for awhile.

But my heart is still broken over events in the rest of the world: the killing of Kayla Mueller by ISIS; the inexplicable and tragic death of CBS newsman Bob Simon; the vicious murder of three young Muslim students in North Carolina.

There are so many things in life that we cannot control. Worrying about them will not affect their outcome at all. What really matters is what you do with what life hands you.

What I’m going to do is Keep on moving, Keep on living, Keep on dreaming and fighting for a better world, a better life.

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