3 Poems: In Remembrance of My Brother David (10/6/59-3/4/03)

This is an updated re-post from March 4, 2015.

Today marks 14 years since my first little brother, David, passed away suddenly.

For my Facebook friends, who read a remembrance I posted yesterday, I must confess that there has always been some confusion over David’s death date: March 4th is the official date of death, as it is the day I found his body, lying on his 2nd floor bed in my house, which he had shared with me for the last 8 years of his life.

But I am certain that he actually died sometime during the late Saturday night/early Sunday morning of March 2nd, as that is the last time I heard his voice, calling me from his bedroom.

That I did not even miss him until the 4th is a pain I have carried with me all these years, despite the fact that he would often go off somewhere for a day or two, without letting me know….


The following 3 poems are from my only completed (but still unpublished) book of poems, Mo(u)rning Songs. In 2012, I “printed” this book on my own and gave copies to family members and friends.


Mourning Songs 4 Mourning Songs 5 Mourning Songs 6
Mourning Songs David3_Page_1 Mourning Songs David3_Page_2 Mourning Songs David3_Page_3 Mourning Songs David3_Page_4

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