Turning Over a New Leaf

Having read three different articles this week about the Vernal Equinox/Solar Eclipse/New Moon event taking place today, I decided to take it seriously. My intention was to follow one of the suggested guided meditations laid out in two of the three articles. But instead, I followed my heart, meditating in my own way.

First, I decided to respond only to positive, affirming vibes today.

One reason I don’t write every day is that I so often get caught up in Facebook posts and fellow bloggers’ posts about what’s going on in the world—racism, war, income inequality, and mental health being the issues that consume me most. And being an empathic sort of person, I get overwhelmed by it all. My righteous anger eats away at me to the point where I have to just step away to retain my sanity, much less respond to what I’m reading. 0105151935b

So I decided to only allow positive, affirming thoughts to guide me on this day. As a result, I am feeling peaceful. At one with my self and the universe (and everything in between). I am not forgetting those issues that consume me. Rather, I am gathering strength to talk about them from a higher, more reasoned perspective.

Second, I decided to tune in to my sources of inspiration.

This includes my God and my Faith, my Family, my Friends, and Art. And anything else that just makes me feel good.

One of my favorite hymns is Amazing Grace.  Verse 3 is the verse I love the most, because it sustains me on my life journey:

Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come; ’tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.

It reminds me that no matter what may befall me in life, my higher power is there for me to draw strength from.0610142013a

After this post is published, I will upload a music video I made a few months ago, pairing two other favorite hymns, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent, and What Wondrous Love Is This. The latter is fitting, in this season of Lent. But it is also fitting, just because it is music that is uplifting to me. Look for the video under the category Magic Fingers Music.

Third, I decided to open my heart and my mind and just listen.

As a result, I wrote a small poem, which may become a song. Though it is still untitled, I will be sharing it, as well, under the category One Righteous Poet.

Most importantly, I have learned that worry, fear, anger, and hate have their place in life. But they will not get you anywhere good.

At best, these emotions can be the fuel for good, by tempering them with acceptance, tolerance, peace and love.

Happy Spring!

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