Passing Through… To 2016: New Video

My first post for 2016 is a broader premiere of a song I co-wrote this past fall with my Facebook friend Ladonna Perkins, who is from Georgia. We’ve never met in person, but we know each other pretty well—we are Sisters of the Heart. So when I read her poem (printed below), I asked if I could set it to music. She agreed, and several weeks later, I sent her the video of our song, which we initially shared on Facebook. Now, I am sharing it via my still-under-construction YouTube page. I hope you enjoy it!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Blessed, Prosperous, and Fulfilling New Year!

Passing through

Words By LaDonna Perkins

What’s it like to be all alone?

No meat on a sun dried bone

The boat is rocking with the tide

No time now to choose a side

Hot lights that blink in the night

My lips are red, my eyes white

No one notices the way you are

Or when you sail out so far


What is it like to be underneath?

Look at the tiger with no teeth

One day will come and you will turn around

Your feet placed gently back on the ground

And as the sky is scarred with smog

You never know who is in the fog

Put your head on my shoulder

The nights air is growing colder


I’ve seen the faces, I’ve heard the noise

The look, the laugh of little boys

Holding out is much to hard

How can you play with a missing card?


Love? Yes I know it’s true

I really am in love with you

Tonight I see your heart spread wide

And I know how much you tried

Cry? I have to got to cry

When my heart is too heavy to fly

What am I going to do?

The old was never this new


Breaking the law and getting caught

Learning a lesson you have always taught

And babe I know you know

How hard a breeze can really blow

I’m here to stay. I love you

Not like the others just passing through

So there is no need to sweat

What you always wanted. You are gonna get.






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