God Save the American Presidency, Please!

AUTHOR's NOTE: I wrote this post on March 3, 2016, but I did not have a chance to come back to it for editing or rewrites. After looking at it again, just now, I'm letting this one fly, as is....



This election season has been the craziest I have ever seen, in large part due to the emergence of Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner.

Thanks to the pandering media—from mainstream to cable and radio to the Internet—this megalomaniac has usurped our attention away from the real issues of the presidential election, and has turned the electoral process upside down and inside out. For starters, Trump has received so much free press from the media that the issue of election finance reform kinda gets tossed out the window. I mean, why should we care about Citizens United when a self-proclaimed billionaire can just open his mouth and have the press lapping at his feet??? What happened to the “equal time” provisions the networks used to follow for political candidates?

And it’s not just Trump’s candidacy that is out of control. Watching the coverage of the other presidential candidates, it almost appears that the media are directing the outcome of the election, proclaiming Hillary the certain Democratic nominee and giving short shrift to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.


America is in trouble, folks! Watching this election season is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You can’t take your eyes away, nor can you do anything to stop it. But I’m here to say that we have to do something. Now. In my opinion, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only person who has consistently sounded the alarm: We need a political revolution if we are going to stop the madness. We need the sane, rational people in this nation to stand up with their voices—and their votes—to keep America whole, functioning, for everyone. 

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