So You Think Trump Is Sure to Lose? Don’t Be Too Sure—The Trump Threat is Yuge!

On Friday, on the advice of a good friend, I listened to the NPR Friday News Roundup, also known as The Diane Rehm Show. The scheduled topics were Donald Trump’s shifting positions on immigration, Hillary Clinton’s pushback on Trump’s racism comments and the continuing email “scandal,” the Clinton Foundation boondoggle, and the EpiPen price-gouging scandal.

Substituting as host was Derek McGinty; panelists were Josh Kraushaar (National Journal), Julie Pace (Associated Press), and Neil King (Wall Street Journal). The topics were discussed in a reasonable, balanced manner, punctuated by the opinions of callers. Five of the six callers provided interesting, reasonable, and balanced opinions. At best, their comments gave me something to consider; at worst, some comments reflected the callers’ Right, Moderate, or Left bias—but this is, after all, a free country, where folks are entitled to their own opinions!

The first caller, a woman, began by discussing the disparities between how Donald Trump’s, Bill Clinton’s, Hillary Clinton’s, and Richard Nixon’s political transgressions were handled in the media and by the government. Nixon, of course, was forced to resign because of the Watergate Scandal, whereas Bill Clinton’s transgressions were censured but did not result in the loss of his presidential office. In the current presidential race, the caller felt that there’s “always something” about Hillary—some unanswered question or near-scandal, for which the Left is always ready to give her cover because it’s Hillary, whereas the Right’s decision to name Donald Trump as its nominee is seen by the Left as a GOP fail. Her bottom line was that Hillary needs to answer the public’s questions about her record and her missteps, such as the never-ending email “scandal” and the “impropriety” of continuing The Clinton Foundation.

The second caller, also a woman, countered this last point with an important question: What about the role of Trump’s children in his many, many personal business holdings? I think it’s an eminently valid point: Why should there be such an uproar about the Clintons’ personal business (the Foundation), which intersects government interests, if Trump’s Empire—that he openly gloats about in the context of his deals with other nations—is not also subject to scrutiny?

The third caller (yet another woman!) came up with a smart analogy for Trump supporters and surrogates. Their defense of Trump is like the defense of an apologist for a “bad boyfriend”: “he doesn’t really mean what he says!” Yet, there are troubling questions below the surface, like how can anyone defend Trump’s immigration “policy,” given his history of hiring undocumented workers?!? And what is Pence’s role in this ill-fated campaign? Having wedded Trump, there is no way he can separate himself from this trainwreck, and his political future [such that it was], is now toast.

The next caller—the first male, from Dallas, had nothing new to add to the foregoing conversation, except to ask, rather disingenuously, “What is this Alt-Right I keep hearing about?” Which the panel dutifully answered in some detail.

The final female caller mused that if the earliest presidents had been subjected to today’s instant Internet access, we’d be dissecting them and finding the same unsavory attributes we are assigning to Clinton and Trump. However, she did lean toward Clinton, noting that Trump, a businessman, is used to telling everyone what to do—bossing people around and never listening to anyone else. Clinton, on the other hand, is a longstanding public servant who does stand up for people. In short, running a government is not the same as running a business. The former requires the art of persuasion; in the latter, the boss calls all the shots. This caller’s only problem with Clinton—much like the other callers’—was that both Hillary and Bill have a bad habit of waffling in the immediate aftermath of one of those pesky questions/scandals; they wait far too long to come clean.

Now, I will grant you that this whole discussion, up to this point, is not so different from any other pundit/caller show you may have heard or seen since this most bizarre presidential race in the history of presidential races started heating up this summer. But, wait for it…. There is a rarely heard- from, much less discussed, entity in the mix, represented by the final caller to this podcast. It’s the reason my friend asked me to listen. It’s the opinion that made her jump out of her chair and exclaim: “For every person who calls in [spouting such nonsense], there are 20 million more out there who think the same thing!”

What follows is the reason we cannot afford to be complacent about Hillary Clinton being the sure winner and Donald Trump being the sure (and sore) loser come November: The Outlier Black Trump Supporter!

The last caller on the morning show was an African-American Democrat from Dallas who proudly told the nation that he supports Donald Trump, because Trump is trustworthy!

Specifically, in regard to his immigration stance, the caller said, “He’s trying to work on it! [Trump] doesn’t want amnesty for undocumented people; they shouldn’t be jumping to the front of the line!” Pressed for an explanation by the stunned panel of commentators, the caller said that he had been talking to his Mexican neighbors, asking them why they can’t wait and enter the U.S. legally. Their answer? According to the caller, it’s because they know they will still get services and support, without papers and without the usual procedures! He added that his non-Mexican friends get quiet when he shares this with them, “because they know what I’m saying.” Pressed further by the commentators about Trump’s birther-ism, the caller replied that it’s not a problem because Trump “TELLS you what he thinks!” [Unlike those two-timing Democrats who “only want the Black vote”? I have to ask.]

The poor commentators sputtered on briefly about the blind loyalty of Trump supporters who admire the outsider “truth tellers” versus the Beltway insiders, before the host of the hour hurriedly signed off.

I implore you—all you sane, thoughtful, reasonable people: Circle the wagons; make sure every like-minded person you know goes to the polls and votes for Hillary Clinton in November. Because for every one of us, there are 20 million more flakes out there—black, white, Latino, and others—who have swallowed Trump’s toxic Kool-Aid in one gulp!




2 thoughts on “So You Think Trump Is Sure to Lose? Don’t Be Too Sure—The Trump Threat is Yuge!

  1. Right on…when the examination of each candidate comes to and end, the corrupt, corporate-state establishment will have a person in the White House because Hillary is of the establishment DNC system and Trump is of the oligarch class (the 1%) that controls the DNC and RNC establishment. Trump has gamed the establishment system to build what shady empire he operates (of unsure definition and size and with many foreign entanglements), contributing to (paying to play) the establishment candidates of the day, Left or Right, including Hillary, in the recent political past. There is a ton of evidence that both candidates are establishment tools.
    Ongoing Trump University suits and the failed Mexican condo development are but the tip of the iceberg of thousands of people Trump has hurt in his failed, establishment-style marketing schemes and discriminatory business practices and use of undocumented labor sources (and a failed Casino and 3 other establishment-system bankruptcies that left others holding his debt). The character of Hillary, as measured by her actions, in contrast, within the establishment system, that both Hillary and Trump operate within, glows in comparison to Trump. The Clinton Foundation has saved many lives and worked to elevate the health and quality of life of others. Hillary’s long record of public service stands in contrast, no matter how measured, to the absence of any public service or military service on Trump’s part.
    So, “establishment” character attributes are a real issue in this, clearly, all-establishment election. Hillary has flaws but they are flaws/failures committed during efforts aimed at doing good within a flawed, establishment system. Trump’s character attributes, operating within the same establishment system, have been self-promoting and self enriching, at the expense of others, without any public service attributes, at all, to use in measuring one establishment candidate against the other. Yes, Hillary has been enriched by Wall St., with “speaking fees” as Bernie pointed out and big biz supports her campaign. Trump is of the big biz that is controlling a the establishment and cannot disentangle himself from it, or them. Trump’s lack of public service and lack of international diplomatic knowledge is a huge hindrance and puts him way behind the politic curve, on international affairs.

    All in all, Establishment public servant candidate v. Establishment private capitalist imperialist candidate, is a contest where Hillary’s character of public service is much more preferred to Trump’s character of private-profiteering, within the same establishment system. Each uses the establishment but only Hillary uses it in a way that resembles what most Americans will benefit from, in the long run because Hillary’s use of the establishment is more secure and more progressive and the records of each establishment candidate demonstrate it, clearly. Trump purports independence from the establishment but his cord is one of using it for personal profiteering at the expense of others. Hillary has profited too but with demonstrably greater concern for the quality of life of those who are not as “connected,” as each of the establishment candidates, in this election.


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