Happy New Year from baltimoreblackwoman!

Happy New Year – 2018!

With this post, I am not only starting my 4th year of this blog, I am also announcing another shift in focus.

As always, my perspectives and views will be part of the mix. But, instead of just looking longingly at Baltimore’s past, I want to focus more on what’s happening now in my hometown. For starters, I am adding a new category: Baltimore News Flash – This Week in Baltimore. Articles will be brief recaps (with commentary) of important news stories happening in Baltimore, with follow-ups as they are available.

Little did I know, when this brainstorm hit me on Monday, that a story I chose for the first post of this new category would wind up making national news! I must really be on to something big.

One caveat: The main source for these stories will be The Baltimore Sun, the only major local newspaper left in a town that once boasted two newspapers, each with morning and evening editions. Worse yet, our television news options are also limited—one of our stations, WJZ TV, is the “media partner” of The Sun, meaning that it essentially regurgitates the print news stories! I’m not trying to shoot the messenger; I’m just saying that for local news sources, there aren’t a whole lot of choices. And while I may include local television sources, print remains my main source.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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