Where is baltimoreblackwoman? Updates – UPDATED Post

City Lights display, Lake Montebello, Northeast Baltimore

As surely as Winter has turned to Spring and back to Winter again in the space of days, baltimoreblackwoman has been shapeshifting lately!

It’s hard enough to keep up with all the changes in the world (the revolving door at Trump Land; war and rumors of war;  the rift that is physically splitting the African continent in two), much less keeping up with all the ideas and plans I’ve had for this page.

After a month of producing Baltimore News Flash – This Week in Baltimore, I suddenly became overwhelmed by all the “bad news” spewing out of my hometown; I was at a loss for words—But I am now gearing up to revive this feature.

Still, I haven’t been idle during this “tippy-top,” topsy-turvy time. I managed to write a poem that turned into a song for The March for Our Lives, with better than expected public response. I had a Letter to the Editor published in The Baltimore Sun, bringing the total to two pieces published there. More recently, I penned an article for my community newsletter, The Lauraville News (which I am sharing in its entirety below). And last, but certainly not least, I have signed on as a columnist (“The Baltimore Beat”) for the revived publication, SLANTRESS Magazine! I’ll be sharing more information about this magazine as soon as it’s available.

baltimoreblackwoman is gettin’ busy!

For now, I invite you to read—and comment on—my latest published work titled “TALKING ABOUT MY GENERATION, Lauraville History: The “Other” Morgan Park in Our Midst [MP article Lauraville News], which you will have to click on to read. About growing up Black in a [mostly] White neighborhood in the 1960s.

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