Change of Seasons

When I was younger,
I hated Summer.
All that heat, all that light
exposing the dark corners of my soul.

My season of birth is Autumn—
October, when leaves of red and gold
dance against crisp winds
in a smoky mauve sky.

Then, something changed.
I embraced the Light of Summer
(but not the heat):
I could face each day
with energy fueled by brazen sun rays,
my thoughts clearer,
my actions purpose-driven.
The heat? Something to fight through.

Now, as Summer wanes
to shorter days,
my body succumbs to a strange malaise.
I sleep past my usual nine o’clock hour
and awaken begrudgingly at ten,
my brain in a fog until eleven,
when the first dose of caffeine
kicks in.
I don’t reach my peak
until 2 p.m.

The darkening sky of evening
arrives an hour earlier.
By 7:30, I turn on the living room light
and wander room to room
before settling down
to an hour of reading
and a few hours of television.

Bedtime comes at 12:30
instead of 2 a.m.

I wait for the hands on the clock
and my circadian rhythm
to synergize.

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