Life After Death: Love Never Dies

It has been 6 months to the day,
since my mother, Dorothy Ann,
passed away.
I still mourn her passing deeply.
Yet, every single day,
she’s left miracles for me
to behold in her memory.

The flowering plant,
given to me by a friend
a day after Mom’s passing,
Still blooms,
though it sits on
my drafty kitchen window ledge.

All Summer long,
And even well into Fall,
My roses flowered
tall and proud,
though scraggly
compared to Mom’s lush bushes,
which we bought and planted
two years ago.

And two small, white butterflies,
named Ma (for Madame)
and Pa Butterfly,
appeared daily,
all Summer long,
both at Mom’s house
and mine,
sometimes actually flying
close to me!

Gradually, I became aware
of Mom’s greatest gift to me:

The Freedom to Be!

Days and weeks
of unbearable empty sadness
gave way
to opportunities
newfound friendships
and renewed, deepening
old ones.

My voice, once tentative,
began to take on
an urgent confidence,
borne of all the Wisdom
Mom bestowed on me.

My poems,
once written
for my self alone,
I’ve read aloud.
In public.

The stories of my life,
Impossible without
Mom’s presence,
began to be heard!

And the Love
she poured into me
now flows through
and out of me
toward others.

I greet my neighbors
with a smile and hugs,
and we talk awhile!

I go out with friends
and family,
for parties,
and civic engagement,

and I raise my voice,
and sometimes, even,

All thanks to you,
Dorothy Ann.

Thank you for giving me
permission to Fly.

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