First Poetry Reading in 2019: Done!

This past Monday, January 7, I joined poet Tzynya Pinchback in a poetry reading on Quintessential Poetry, a BlogTalkRadio program hosted by Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram.

The event, POV (Pinchback/Oldham/Viti), was planned by our colleague, Lynne Viti (who writes the WordPress blog Still in School) and was supposed to include her reading, too. Unfortunately, Lynne had to bow out due to unforeseen circumstances. But the show went on, and Tzynya and I read two of Lynne’s works in her place.

Here is the link to the program. I hope you enjoy it! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.

Note: This event has already posted on the Facebook page, Baltimoreblackwoman, the companion page for this blog.

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