Help Baltimore “Senior” Artist Aleta Greene Restart Her Art

For decades, the name Aleta Greene was widely known in the Baltimore music scene and beyond. Her powerful yet vulnerable sulky voice once graced many venues—from the old “rock” clubs of the 70s and 80s and upscale sites like The Brass Elephant to the stages of Artscape and summer concert series at the Sculpture Garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art—bringing soul to a broad range of music idioms including rock and jazz, with a touch of gospel. Aleta was also a songwriter, contributing greatly to the musical works of Baltimore poet David Franks; a jingle singer; and a recording artist, working with the likes of Richie Havens and Wall Matthews.

Aleta has also been—and continues to be—both a writer and a visual artist, bringing paintings, jewelry, and multimedia works to life (she currently shares the latter on Instagram).

But like many of us (myself included), her artistic career was brought to a halt when she took time off to care for her aging parents, putting her own life aside to the point of neglecting herself. Now, she is taking the first steps toward rebuilding her life, both practically and artistically.

Because she has also been one of my closest friends and mentors since our high school days, I am spreading the word as far I can to support Aleta’s campaign to restart her life and her art.

So, I’m asking everyone to help this Phenomenal Woman and Artist reclaim her groove! Please click on her GoFundMe page at the top of this post and give as much as you can.

In advance, baltimoreblackwoman (aka Jackie Oldham) says

Thank You

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