A Passover Pandemic Poem – by Guest Poet Mira Appleby

A most powerful and persistent 2020 Passover plague, a
precursor to painful pandemonium. This is no prank nor
premeditated, but after all, wasn’t’ it predicted…?

While possibly preventable, why point fingers – what’s the
point? A pretty picture is not being painted…

Despite preachy, pretend, pushy political pundits, local people
are producing protection – and procedures…

Most powerful people in persuasive positions – please provide
more personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves)
to our proud and brave medical providers!!

Too many have passed (away), but many others, despite a
painful process, have persevered.

In time, science and our group efforts will predominantly
prevail, and persuasive people will push away this most
punishing plague. Let’s pray for prevention and better future

Together today, at this Passover, let’s please ourselves with
pleasant (and tasty) food, stories and songs, and the
premonition of future pleasure, beyond our imposed private

Praise to all, as we placate ourselves and pretend, that our 2020
Passover does not include 10 plagues, but actually 10+ 1 –







Hag Sameah


About this poem – and the poet:  This wonderfully alliterative poem was written by my good friend and community colleague, Mira Appleby, who included it as an attachment to her check-in email to me today. That she chose to share this poem with me means so much! So much for hiding one’s talents under a bushel! Thank you, Mira!




2 thoughts on “A Passover Pandemic Poem – by Guest Poet Mira Appleby

  1. Thank you and Mira so much for sharing. Passover and Easter blessings to you both.

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