Published Works by Jackie Oldham – UPDATED

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on the original post. The following updates have been made to the format:

  • Order of entries changed to descending order – latest publication first.
  • Full links provided for each publication. (“Short” links, which seem to be preferred by some platforms, do not always work.)
  • Updates to the list are indicated by the “As of” date, below.

This new section of the blog is an ongoing list of my published writing under my byline, Jackie Oldham.

As of August 17, 2022:


“All These Things Are Broken” [August 17, 2022,]

“Ode to Lucille Clifton” [June 28, 2022, A Lovely Place, A Fighting Place, A Charmer: The Baltimore Anthology, Gary M. Almeter & Rafael Alvarez, Editors, Belt Publishing, Cleveland, OH]

“Our Bodies, Our Rights” [June 27, 2022,]

“Of Their Own Time Immemorial” [February 12, 2022,]

“Our Latest Fashion Accessories…” [December 31, 2021,]

“Brood X Symphony (The 17-Year Cicadas)” [July 12, 2021,]

“The Forgotten Mask” [February 24, 2021,]

“I Don’t Want to Play The “Capitol” Edition of Clue™” [January 25, 2021, Poem by Jackie Oldham – oddball magazine-2]

“Just Another Covid Saturday” [October 9, 2020,]

“Golem Emet” [September 24, 2020, Poem by Jackie Oldham – oddball magazine]

Short Stories

“Age-isms” [Fall 2019 online issue, “Age-isms” by Jackie Oldham (]

Newspaper Editorials

“Changing Baltimore’s negative narrative” [Letter to the Editor, 2018,
Changing Baltimore’s negative narrative – Baltimore Sun]

“Road Safety is not an us and them proposition” [OP-ED, July 15, 2017, Road safety is not an us and them proposition – Baltimore Sun]

“Kent State: A Perspective [OP-ED, February 17, 1981; Posted below (Digital version not available)]

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