October Surprises

20221002_113357_resized Autumn is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month(!), most likely because they’re the season and month of my birth. For much of my life, October was a banner month for birthdays in my family: my Aunt Elnora (October 4th), my little brother David (October 6th), my Great-Uncle Sonny (October 9th), his sister (aka my grandmother) Lillian (October 12th), my mother Dorothy (October 24th), and I (October 16th), all had birthdays, which meant weekly card-buying and celebrations. My youngest brother, Lee, however, waited until November 1st (All Saints Day) to be born, to avoid being a Halloween baby. At least, that’s the story we always told.

Autumn also seems to be my Poetry season: for writing, readings, and being published. In two weeks, I will complete my 69th rotation around the sun. To celebrate, I’ve decided to post recorded readings of my 10 published poems, in their publication-date order, spanning the last two years. My plan is to present two poems per week, for five weeks, in separate blog posts. These posts will also include a bit of background about each poem, and will appear under the numbered main title, Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series #_.

You can find links to all the poems, here. Or you can listen to the posts as they are completed.

Wishing you a HAPPY AUTUMN!

baltimoreblackwoman, aka Jackie Oldham

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