Mother’s Day 2022 – Insta-Poem*

After the evening nap
Pick up the heavy glass 
Mount Rushmore mug
she bought you many years ago.

Pour your favorite libation--
Cherry Coke...

What is that floating in the soda???

Head smack realization:

Several dead petals and leaves
from your only dried flower arrangement....

Empty the glass, rinse, 
Start over. 

Drink fountain soda memories...

Arriving home earlier
after a visit with your youngest sister,

I stop to examine my rose bush--
still tiny compared to yours--though planted the same day,

First tiny rose petals appear.
Grateful I did not kill it.

As I open the door to enter my house,
a gorgeous, plump cardinal
alights on the fence
by the rose bush,
Looks me straight in the eye,

Flies away as I whisper 

Hello, cardinal....


*Insta-Poem is a poem I write directly to my personal Facebook Profile.

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