Fall 2022 Poetry Reading Series, #11X

Poem #11—the final poem in this series—is titled “Chaos – 2022” [http://www.minyanmag.com/jackieoldham.html]. Published October 27, 2022 in Minyan Magazine, it is an updated occasional poem originally written in 2020, with the title “Chaos,” for the annual Poetry Shabbat at Beth Am Synagogue in Baltimore, which occurs shortly after Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). Due to the Covid Pandemic, that service was held on Zoom.

I submitted the poem to Editor-In-Chief Liz Marlow in December of 2021, when she was still in the design phase of her new magazine. She asked me to update it for inclusion in her planned politics-themed issue in October of this year, because the twin topics of Covid and the Federal election cycle showed no sign of changing as we entered this year.

This reading was recorded on December 31, 2022.

A Year-End Note

December 27 was the eighth anniversary of baltimoreblackwoman.com. Thanks to all of you who are following this blog!!! According to one of my stats, there are 140 subscribers and 60 social media followers, and over that time, the site has received 63,265 hits!

Happy New Year! We’ll see what 2023 brings, together.

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