Happy 2023 from baltimoreblackwoman

Time flies! It’s already the middle of January—but this first post of 2023 marks the beginning of Year 9 for this blog. When I posted my first article on December 27, 2014, all I knew was that I needed a space to share my thoughts and observations about how the world affected this Black woman from Baltimore. I could not imagine how much it would change my life! From essays on Race to Black History Month posts, to memoir essays and poems about my family, to stories covering crime, mental illness, forgotten neighborhoods and found communities, to articles and videos featuring music and poetry, I’ve come to learn that my words—and actions—not only make a difference to others, but also lead to new opportunities and many important, treasured friendships.

For the past 7 years, I’ve served on the boards of two different local community organizations, promoting and encouraging their growth and inclusiveness. In the  last 4 years, I’ve had 11 poems and 1 short story published in journals and in an anthology. I’ve given poetry readings that have reached folks from across the country.

But more important than what I’ve given is what I’ve received in return: a cornucopia of friends—many of whom are interconnected (proof of the six degrees of separation theory), who have taught me that it’s not just what you know, but who know, that makes life worth living. We need both (the “what” and the “who”) to fulfill our dreams and goals.

Thanks to all of you—the 140 subscribers and 60 social media followers—who have shared this journey with me. Your likes, comments, and feedback keep me going!

Look for two new posts: today, an Event Announcement and, later this week, an essay about poetry, in   The Writer’s Life.

3 thoughts on “Happy 2023 from baltimoreblackwoman

  1. I love love love this blog, and I am so happy that this blog led me to you, writing friend! Onward in 2023 with more or your poetry, prose observations, and guitar playing!

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