Change of Seasons

When I was younger, I hated Summer. All that heat, all that light exposing the dark corners of my soul. My season of birth is Autumn— October, when leaves of red and gold dance against crisp winds in a smoky mauve sky. Then, something changed. I embraced the Light of Summer (but not the heat): … More Change of Seasons

Home, At Last

The act of reclining on the swinging two-seater couch on the front porch, with my legs propped up on two arm pillows and a cigarette dangling between my fingers, was revolutionary. I did not care what my neighbors thought seeing me outside, or how I looked to the Sunday drivers barreling down my street, barely … More Home, At Last

The Children’s March – Song Video

Two weeks ago, I published the poem The Children’s March[], in anticipation of the March for Our Lives. One week ago, I posted my promised song version on my Facebook page as well as on the March for Our Lives – Baltimore page. I am grateful for the tremendous response from my Facebook family and … More The Children’s March – Song Video

The Circle of Life

November 16, 2017 The Joy of Parents is preparing their children for Life. The Pain of Children is preparing their parents for Death.   I. These words I wrote three months ago, after helping my mother navigate an uncharacteristic moment of fear: I had accidently let three moths into her house on a steamy August … More The Circle of Life