Covid-19 Status – A Poem (My Coronavirus Diaries, Installment #7)

March 31, 2020
12:16 PM

BALTIMORE (WBFF)– NEW: Stay at Home Ordered issued for all Maryland Residents.
The Maryland State Health Department released new numbers Monday, as of 10am 1,413 Marylanders have been diagnosed with COVID-19, 15 have died.
This is a breakdown of the highest COVID-19 #’s in our area:
Baltimore County – 186
Baltimore City- 152
Anne Arundel Co- 110
Howard County-96
Carroll County- 82

Baltimore City is my home.
Where I have always lived
and where I will die.

Of all the things I miss—
Hugging friends and family,
Seeing them face-to-face
when I hear their voices,

There is one small vice
that breaks my heart
at this moment:

Cloverland chocolate milk
has become the measure
of my loss.
Normally, I buy it
by the half gallon.

Last week, I grabbed
the last two
fresh quarts

before the
stay in place order,
I snapped up
three pint bottles.
Now, down to two.

Since no other brand
will do,
I will soon let go of
milk –
my stomach-soothing,
elixir of Life,

In these dark times….

Such a fool I am.
To crave such a small joy.

About this poem: I wrote this poem directly on my regular Facebook page and shared it to the Letters In Quarantine group. The statistics listed at the beginning are from WBFF, a local television station, at the time indicated.

Last night, while watching the 11 PM news on another local television station, WJZ, I wrote down their updated statistics:

1,660 coronavirus cases in Maryland, 24 deaths, and 14,868 negative tests performed.

I urge anyone who has read this poem and these notes to STAY HOME AND SAVE LIVES. If you must go out, please observe your local guidelines and CDC directives.

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